Choose not a life of imitation.

Hello peepsicles! I'm here again, apologizing for not posting anything. But the thing is.. I've come to that state where I just don't really have anything to post. And like I said previously, I want to post stuff just to get something up, you know? That's not what a blog is for... A blog is for sharing what you really want to share and so I don't want to just come up with meaningless posts just for the heck of it. Since autumn arrived (and winter is knocking on the door alrdy maan!) I've just lacked inspiration and the will to post something. Autumn and winter gets me so uninspired and my mood just goes gaah! I'm 100% a spring/summer girl. The sun is my energy source and we've been lacking quite a lot of sun recently! Eating healthily and working out gets my energy up but the weather just gets me so blehhh.. I hate the cold and I hate snow! I want to just throw myself on the sofa or on the bed when I get home from school instead of turning on the camera and taking pictures of my outfit. In the summer it's the complete opposite! Being in my last year of gymnasium doesn't really help either. Our days are not super long but there is still a lot to do. We have this huge assignment soon (I told u bout that too) and we are doing the preparations for it now sort of, and at the same time we still have the regular "small" assignments here and there. Anyways.. I'm spending most of my saturday in my room today with my bed and my cat, making a danish essay. I like to get it out of the way ^_^ I'm almost done though, I think I'll finish Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows today then! I'm almost done. It's going to be so sad.. o.o (even though I have read the last book before) Nah well, I have another project for later! I want to read Lord of the Rings. I can't wait! The books are always better than the films, and I seriously love the films... I might play some Zelda on my Wii as well. Loooove Zelda! ^_^
Anyways.. Maybe let me know if there is anything you want for me to post? Give me some inspiration! I'd love to hear from you guys. Take care and have a great weekend! x 
Oh right - I included a picture of a drawing I'm working on. I haven't worked on it for months though.. o.o I will some day! Can you tell who it is? Let me know x


  1. Johnny Depp from Edward Scissorhands! Love this post <3



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